Marathon Training Time and the Replenishment Meal After

All right so I was catching up on twitter after my run and noticed a tweet from @halo_slippin and thought, perfect idea I will show him what I am doing and he can tell me how bad it is for me. Or something like that.

First off the results of the run were 145 minutes or 2 hours 25 minutes to run 14.0 miles. Very close to the time I would need to finish the marathon in 4.5 hours. However after running at that speed for that long there is no way I could make the full 26.2 and keep up that speed. So I will be happy to be under 5 hours.

Also beware there are lots and lots of pictures with this post and an official RFC for @halo_slippin or Dr Halo or Dr slippin I don’t know. Lets start with  the picture of the finish of the run

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New Training tool for my BlackBerry Curve – SpeedOmeter by Adapta

I found this great little tool on CrackBerry the other day and finally got a chance to try it. I used it in the car on the way to work today. It kept very, very close to the mileage and speed that the car registered. So I decided to give it a try on my run tonight. Great tool instead of buying one of those overpriced GPS watches.

Now if someone can explain to me how the blackberry can track satellites while being buried in my fanny pack, that would be great.

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I Bricked my BlackBerry Curve 8310, now what?

I have been having some very strange issues with my blackberry starting around December 8th. The phone started dying very quickly, the GPS stopped working all together, and certain web pages started throwing uncaught exceptions. If you don’t know by now I live and die by my blackberry, and I do consider myself a power user so all of the above problems really did matter.

these are the steps that I went through that eventually ended up with my bricked phone:

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Remote Debugging with IIS6 and VS2008

Why I needed this

  • Save time when deploying – in the past when I would post my little hobby projects to the web I would sometimes get errors and spend hours trying to figure out why.
  • Improve my skill set in the full system – building web pages and code files is all fine and dandy in a development environment but if you don’t understand the full system then finding problems in a production environment can take much longer.
  • Had a problem when deploying locally – My project was working on my local IIS but when deployed to a real server 2003 running IIS6 it only showed a yellow screen of death. Continue reading

ESL – Newegg Style

Just recently purchased an item from (one of my new favorite online stores) and got the wrong item. After going back and forth several times they finally understood that they need to issue me a refund. They also need to send me a return shipping label, but that is another few emails away apparently. This is the exact text of the email confirming this

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What the f*ck is Dual Link DVI…and why does it matter

So I purchased a new PC in the last few weeks that is awesome. It goes along with my monster monitor that was recently added to the home. So now it is time to move it into my (PC) closet so that my office once again looks nice and clean. when I prepared this custom built office a couple years back I buried all of the wires in the wall, and thought I had future proofed it, sadly that is not the case. I soon discovered that without the right cabling my new monitor could not achieve full resolution.

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Who gets the bailout money?

There has been a lot of discussion about the economy of late and it can be very confusing. I noticed a post showed up at the WP Carey School of Business Blog dealing with the subject. It gives some very clear details about where that money would be going. Bailout is a term that doesn't make much sense for what they are doing, they are in essence buying up some securities that nobody wants right now, and at a discount I might add. I am not saying that I agree with all the details or have done extensive research around the issue. But the money is not just being handed over, we (via the US Government) are buying securities now to allow for flexibility in other parts of our financial markets with the intention that at some point in the future they will go up in value. I will always bet on America and this is no exception.

Floppy disks aren’t dead yet

If you have been following I recently did some major damage to my laptop. I will be getting a new desktop before long and figured I would just virtualize my laptop and work on it that way instead of remote desktop (which still works fine). Being that my trusty home server backs up all of my computers nightly I decided what a novel idea to just use a Windows Home Server image and restore to a VM(geek speak for virtual machine) instead of a physical computer.

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What were you doing 7 years ago today?

A friend sent an email about where he was seven years ago today, meaning for 9/11.

I can remember it vividly. I was waking up to go in to work and my alarm clock at the time was set to play the radio to wake me up. I started to piece together that an airplane had hit one of the world trade center towers. There was much confusion about what had happened and why. On my way into work I listened to talk radio, as I commonly do, and could hear the distress in the voices of those hosting the show as well as the callers. Something just wasn’t right. By the time I made it into work everybody was crowded around a tv in our waiting room, and we watched the replay of the second plane hitting the other tower at the WTC. By now it was all very clear, this was no accident.

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