Marathon Training Time and the Replenishment Meal After

All right so I was catching up on twitter after my run and noticed a tweet from @halo_slippin and thought, perfect idea I will show him what I am doing and he can tell me how bad it is for me. Or something like that.

First off the results of the run were 145 minutes or 2 hours 25 minutes to run 14.0 miles. Very close to the time I would need to finish the marathon in 4.5 hours. However after running at that speed for that long there is no way I could make the full 26.2 and keep up that speed. So I will be happy to be under 5 hours.

Also beware there are lots and lots of pictures with this post and an official RFC for @halo_slippin or Dr Halo or Dr slippin I don’t know. Lets start with  the picture of the finish of the run

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