Trying out Smunch at Gallo Blanco

I have been getting much more involved into twitter related events lately. Over the last few months I kept seeing references to something called #smunch. Well this time around I was actually in town, had the time to go and knew a few of the tweeps that would be there. Keep in mind when I say knew, I just mean I have conversed with them via twitter.

The event was setup via twtvite. I have seen this used for several events and it is great for tweetups. There was one slight problem I found out later. The event was setup in Mountain Standard Time. Arizona doesn’t use Day Light Savings Time and thus my Google calendar is set to Mountain Standard (Arizona) Time. So I was in downtown Phoenix an hour early. No worries though I just stopped by LUX coffee and ended up running into several friends.

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Found a JPG to animated GIF convertor – Think Triple Shot

I have a good friend who introduced me to the timed triple shot. Basically you setup your camera in a solid place and wait 10 sec for the first picture. then three seconds later the second shot, and finally another three seconds the third and final shot. In order to give these justice you have to animate them. I did some searching and found to be up to the task. They have far to many popup ads embedded in the site but if your images aren’t too big it works great…enjoy:


after our first tasting for the day…don’t miss the tiger..that’s me 🙂

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Sometimes Life Just Needs a Good Soundtrack

Today morning seemed to come way too early. Was it my job? I have actually been blessed to work at a great company with great people, so nope. Was it my personal life? I just spent all weekend enjoying good times with great people, so nope. Was it my body? I did just do 160 lunges on Saturday so my legs were a little sore, and my right foot hurt a little, so maybe this had a little to do with it.

As the snooze button kept reappearing in my life every 5 minutes 5:30 quickly became 6:05.

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Pranking Little Joe in Dublin

Little Joe was taking some time to rest up (Cupcake Monday) and we decided to have some new friends pull a prank. We were staying at Kinlay House in Dublin and had 5 people in a six bed room. We were worried that they would mistakenly sell that open bunk to some stranger. We sent the new friends up to the room with our key and Maverick recording.

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Heavy Hearted, I am Human

I went to a funeral in Chicago over the weekend. I was going partly to pay my respects and partly to support someone I love and care for very much. Her dad had pancreatic cancer and passed away last Saturday. The last funeral that I had been to was in 2003 when my grandfather passed away. Not really sure what reactions I was going to have I tried to stay level headed.

There have been some major changes in my life recently and some of these thoughts weighed heavy in my heart.

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