Which Web Browser is the Best

This is more involved than just picking one for me. I converted to using Firefox exclusively years ago. And this had been a perfect solution for me up until last year.

Firefox has a couple of plug-ins that I just can’t live without. Firebug and IE Tab. Many times I will use Firebug to dig into other websites to see how they are building their pages or what technology it is based on. IE tab is a great way to verify cross browser compatibility when developing a site.  I have found if I just build my UI in Firefox it is usually only a few steps away in IE, however the reverse is almost never true. IE tab also allows me to run my Windows Home Server (WHS) in several tabs. This results in running multiple Remote Desktop Sessions (RDP) some physical some virtual.

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Found a JPG to animated GIF convertor – Think Triple Shot

I have a good friend who introduced me to the timed triple shot. Basically you setup your camera in a solid place and wait 10 sec for the first picture. then three seconds later the second shot, and finally another three seconds the third and final shot. In order to give these justice you have to animate them. I did some searching and found http://gickr.com to be up to the task. They have far to many popup ads embedded in the site but if your images aren’t too big it works great…enjoy:


after our first tasting for the day…don’t miss the tiger..that’s me 🙂

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Stream of Random from Napa Trip

Hey Napa Peeps,

I just have to say that I had very low expectations for this weekend and it was far better than I could have ever imagined. If you would have told me that we would have had such an amazing time at happy hour I would have never believed it. In order to celebrate it I thought I would list out some random things about our weekend that I look forward to keeping in my memory. Great trip everybody!!

The List:

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