Who gets the bailout money?

There has been a lot of discussion about the economy of late and it can be very confusing. I noticed a post showed up at the WP Carey School of Business Blog dealing with the subject. It gives some very clear details about where that money would be going. Bailout is a term that doesn't make much sense for what they are doing, they are in essence buying up some securities that nobody wants right now, and at a discount I might add. I am not saying that I agree with all the details or have done extensive research around the issue. But the money is not just being handed over, we (via the US Government) are buying securities now to allow for flexibility in other parts of our financial markets with the intention that at some point in the future they will go up in value. I will always bet on America and this is no exception.

Texas makes a stand for America

I was looking back through my blog and remembered about this event (see video below). Well that m’fer was actually killed back on August 5th, 2008. I am grateful that America has such protections for all who may have been prosecuted unjustly, however sometimes that protection leads to Gang-rapists sucking resources out of our America for 15 years before meeting their death. Any way you look at it I am glad to see him go. If their is any humanity left in this disgrace of a human being it was his parting words

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WTF – Texas Stand Strong

I heard about this case a long time ago when for whatever reason I seen Rep. Ted Poe from Texas present this before the house on C-Span. Why I happened to be watching C-Span is beside the point… I think this is crazy because I have been to the Hague (Netherlands) and seen where all this kind of stuff goes down, but this is one where the World Court needs to step back. This is America and the state has jurisdiction over this kind of stuff not the US Government or the World Court!

The recent news article, which is easily overlooked

the speech I seen live

Details about the case from a neutral body:

Texas needs to set the example and not give in to anyone!