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As of late (last 9 months) I am not a big TV watcher. However I happen to come back into possession of a TV that I own. And so it was time to get this little baby off the floor and put it where it belongs. You must understand that this was something that I have delayed because it just really didn’t matter. Anyways time to mount the TV. I ordered the wall mount late on a Tuesday night and who coulda guessed that Amazon had a shipping center in Phoenix?? Mount arrived Thursday afternoon!

So very excited to tackle a project and work with my hands I set forth on Thursday night…and it went a little something like this..


This was the borrowed TV that I had that needed to go.


face down this is what the 37” LCD looks like


This is the hardware from Sanus to make it happen


Hardware mounted to the TV


This is the space sans the old TV


This is me finding and marking the stud. I have recently been told that this may not be the best way. However when you are hanging 75 lbs of TV 18 inches off the wall it really does matter if you are dead center of the stud!


That is an impact drill, lag bolt, mounting plate, and a … torque wrench ~ I mean really who wants a TV to fall down, this shit counts!


Mounting plate is on the wall with three lag bolts in it, and yes the little orange thing is a level, just wait…


Yes I noticed it is slightly off, but let me see you do better.


And now we segway into the BullShit…

So at some point into this project I put my knee or arm into the screen because after mounting it … something just wasn’t right, you be the judge…


and that was the horror I seen when I decided to plug in the TV before hiding all the wires… ugh 🙁


this is what it looks like full screen, yeah I jacked it up, somehow, someway!


Moving on I now have a $150+ mount on the wall with a busted TV, guess it is now time to buy a new one, even though I hardly watch TV…



So on the right is the broken one, and on the left is the new 32” LCD TV that includes a DVD player. I went with the smaller one because it was the only one I could find in stock between Bestbuy and Costco. Anyways this isn’t for home theater it is just for sleepy time.


Now the mount has been moved from the busted ass 37” to the brand new 32”


So you might be wondering why does this matter?

this was what I had from bed before..


as you can see … it sucks. no view.

and now?


We have a 32” LCD hanging out saying ‘Hello’


this is the side view at full extension, if you ever want to hang a TV with intention use Sanus, they have beefy mounts that work!


This is what it looks like from the front, anybody see wires??? yeah I don’t think so, that is not how EvilBobby rolls!

If you made it this far at least leave a comment 🙂

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