Hang Flat Panel

As of late (last 9 months) I am not a big TV watcher. However I happen to come back into possession of a TV that I own. And so it was time to get this little baby off the floor and put it where it belongs. You must understand that this was something that I have delayed because it just really didn’t matter. Anyways time to mount the TV. I ordered the wall mount late on a Tuesday night and who coulda guessed that Amazon had a shipping center in Phoenix?? Mount arrived Thursday afternoon!

So very excited to tackle a project and work with my hands I set forth on Thursday night…and it went a little something like this..


This was the borrowed TV that I had that needed to go.

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Which Web Browser is the Best

This is more involved than just picking one for me. I converted to using Firefox exclusively years ago. And this had been a perfect solution for me up until last year.

Firefox has a couple of plug-ins that I just can’t live without. Firebug and IE Tab. Many times I will use Firebug to dig into other websites to see how they are building their pages or what technology it is based on. IE tab is a great way to verify cross browser compatibility when developing a site.  I have found if I just build my UI in Firefox it is usually only a few steps away in IE, however the reverse is almost never true. IE tab also allows me to run my Windows Home Server (WHS) in several tabs. This results in running multiple Remote Desktop Sessions (RDP) some physical some virtual.

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Staying LinkedIn via RSS

Many of us join different social networking sites to interact with our network and stay current. LinkedIn is another one of these tools with a more professional bend to it.

Blogs have also become part of my ritual, and hence RSS feeds. Now we have a match made in heaven. I took the LinkedIn updates RSS feeds and plugged it into my Google RSS reader account.

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New Training tool for my BlackBerry Curve – SpeedOmeter by Adapta

I found this great little tool on CrackBerry the other day and finally got a chance to try it. I used it in the car on the way to work today. It kept very, very close to the mileage and speed that the car registered. So I decided to give it a try on my run tonight. Great tool instead of buying one of those overpriced GPS watches.

Now if someone can explain to me how the blackberry can track satellites while being buried in my fanny pack, that would be great.

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I Bricked my BlackBerry Curve 8310, now what?

I have been having some very strange issues with my blackberry starting around December 8th. The phone started dying very quickly, the GPS stopped working all together, and certain web pages started throwing uncaught exceptions. If you don’t know by now I live and die by my blackberry, and I do consider myself a power user so all of the above problems really did matter.

these are the steps that I went through that eventually ended up with my bricked phone:

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Remote Debugging with IIS6 and VS2008

Why I needed this

  • Save time when deploying – in the past when I would post my little hobby projects to the web I would sometimes get errors and spend hours trying to figure out why.
  • Improve my skill set in the full system – building web pages and code files is all fine and dandy in a development environment but if you don’t understand the full system then finding problems in a production environment can take much longer.
  • Had a problem when deploying locally – My project was working on my local IIS but when deployed to a real server 2003 running IIS6 it only showed a yellow screen of death. Continue reading

What the f*ck is Dual Link DVI…and why does it matter

So I purchased a new PC in the last few weeks that is awesome. It goes along with my monster monitor that was recently added to the home. So now it is time to move it into my (PC) closet so that my office once again looks nice and clean. when I prepared this custom built office a couple years back I buried all of the wires in the wall, and thought I had future proofed it, sadly that is not the case. I soon discovered that without the right cabling my new monitor could not achieve full resolution.

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Floppy disks aren’t dead yet

If you have been following I recently did some major damage to my laptop. I will be getting a new desktop before long and figured I would just virtualize my laptop and work on it that way instead of remote desktop (which still works fine). Being that my trusty home server backs up all of my computers nightly I decided what a novel idea to just use a Windows Home Server image and restore to a VM(geek speak for virtual machine) instead of a physical computer.

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