Wal-Mart saves the day?

Never thought you would hear those words? Well tonight was one of those nights. Anybody who knows me understands that my house stays cold, very cold. So tonight I decided to reprogram our thermostat so that it will make it colder automatically during different parts of the day, the old settings just weren’t good enough. I have one of those cool thermostats that simply unclips from its base to make programming easier.


I proudly changed all my settings while sitting comfortably on the couch. After I was done I just clipped the unit back in and returned to watching TV. Noticed that the air was not coming back on. After doing some matrix like speed learning on the electrical workings of my HVAC unit I was headed up to the attic with a volt meter.

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Bobby goes back to work

Ok,  I am going back to work. This has been a long time coming, specifically since February 2007.  Not because I have been turned down or rejected, but simply because we have not been ready for me to return to work full time. Further I have been very busy handling our household and running our former business. So now that I have graduated with my Masters in Information Systems at ASU (Shout out!!) and we came back from our Europe 2008 trip it was time to start looking for a job related to my skill set.. It took about 30 days of pounding the virtual pavement (monster.com, jobing.com, asu.edu, etc..) and a few recruiter interviews to land the job.

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New Project

So I decided to tackle a new project. And just for kicks thought I would throw in some pictures. This is the before shot


So those of you who have been over know that there is normally a treadmill in this spot, so what is going on here? Why is there blue tape on the wall?

Well first I had to make a big mess, because that’s what guys do when working on projects. This also involved getting out every tool that I own, just to prove to my other half that I really did need to get them.

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WTF – Texas Stand Strong

I heard about this case a long time ago when for whatever reason I seen Rep. Ted Poe from Texas present this before the house on C-Span. Why I happened to be watching C-Span is beside the point… I think this is crazy because I have been to the Hague (Netherlands) and seen where all this kind of stuff goes down, but this is one where the World Court needs to step back. This is America and the state has jurisdiction over this kind of stuff not the US Government or the World Court!

The recent news article, which is easily overlooked

the speech I seen live

Details about the case from a neutral body:

Texas needs to set the example and not give in to anyone!

Let the blogging commence

Ok so I have wanted to do a blog for quite sometime but couldn't decide on a domain. Go figure too much planning for Bobby, yeah that goes without saying. So I also wanted to do this in a dotnet application so I can use it to extend and hone my asp.net skills. So I am going to try it with blogengine.net and see what happens.