Marathon Training Time and the Replenishment Meal After

All right so I was catching up on twitter after my run and noticed a tweet from @halo_slippin and thought, perfect idea I will show him what I am doing and he can tell me how bad it is for me. Or something like that.

First off the results of the run were 145 minutes or 2 hours 25 minutes to run 14.0 miles. Very close to the time I would need to finish the marathon in 4.5 hours. However after running at that speed for that long there is no way I could make the full 26.2 and keep up that speed. So I will be happy to be under 5 hours.

Also beware there are lots and lots of pictures with this post and an official RFC for @halo_slippin or Dr Halo or Dr slippin I don’t know. Lets start with  the picture of the finish of the run



During the run I took one of these gels every 40 minutes


During the run I also finished off two of these .7 liter water bottles (yes that means I had to jump off the treadmill, take off my shoes and go refill it)



Now for after the run this involves making a shake. Includes 1 scoop of protein blend


You can click on this picture to see the stats on the protein


1/2 cup of soy milk


1 egg white and 1 full egg. Yes I put them in the shake raw, and have been for months, I am still alive. I just skip the second egg yolk because of the high cholesterol


Also if somebody could tell me why there is a cow on and egg box would really help???


1/2 cup of frozen blueberries, really adds to the flavor


Not pictured was a few shakes of cinnamon for flavor, about 6 icecubes and a dash of water so it stays liquid and doesn’t turn into paste.

Then throw it all together in my trusty magic bullet and perfect shake done.


If you made it here I am surprised but thanks for reading all the way to the bottom 🙂

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