Pranking Little Joe in Dublin

Little Joe was taking some time to rest up (Cupcake Monday) and we decided to have some new friends pull a prank. We were staying at Kinlay House in Dublin and had 5 people in a six bed room. We were worried that they would mistakenly sell that open bunk to some stranger. We sent the new friends up to the room with our key and Maverick recording.

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Heavy Hearted, I am Human

I went to a funeral in Chicago over the weekend. I was going partly to pay my respects and partly to support someone I love and care for very much. Her dad had pancreatic cancer and passed away last Saturday. The last funeral that I had been to was in 2003 when my grandfather passed away. Not really sure what reactions I was going to have I tried to stay level headed.

There have been some major changes in my life recently and some of these thoughts weighed heavy in my heart.

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