Found a JPG to animated GIF convertor – Think Triple Shot

I have a good friend who introduced me to the timed triple shot. Basically you setup your camera in a solid place and wait 10 sec for the first picture. then three seconds later the second shot, and finally another three seconds the third and final shot. In order to give these justice you have to animate them. I did some searching and found to be up to the task. They have far to many popup ads embedded in the site but if your images aren’t too big it works great…enjoy:


after our first tasting for the day…don’t miss the tiger..that’s me 🙂



Party in the woods


Inside the sparkling wine tour – no flash so we had no idea when pictures were being taken.


This was at Fleury with Diana and Barry our driver ~ home of the F in red


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  1. Sweet that makes me want to do the same to the phone booth ones, and the castle ones!!

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