New Training tool for my BlackBerry Curve – SpeedOmeter by Adapta

I found this great little tool on CrackBerry the other day and finally got a chance to try it. I used it in the car on the way to work today. It kept very, very close to the mileage and speed that the car registered. So I decided to give it a try on my run tonight. Great tool instead of buying one of those overpriced GPS watches.

Now if someone can explain to me how the blackberry can track satellites while being buried in my fanny pack, that would be great.

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What the f*ck is Dual Link DVI…and why does it matter

So I purchased a new PC in the last few weeks that is awesome. It goes along with my monster monitor that was recently added to the home. So now it is time to move it into my (PC) closet so that my office once again looks nice and clean. when I prepared this custom built office a couple years back I buried all of the wires in the wall, and thought I had future proofed it, sadly that is not the case. I soon discovered that without the right cabling my new monitor could not achieve full resolution.

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Who gets the bailout money?

There has been a lot of discussion about the economy of late and it can be very confusing. I noticed a post showed up at the WP Carey School of Business Blog dealing with the subject. It gives some very clear details about where that money would be going. Bailout is a term that doesn't make much sense for what they are doing, they are in essence buying up some securities that nobody wants right now, and at a discount I might add. I am not saying that I agree with all the details or have done extensive research around the issue. But the money is not just being handed over, we (via the US Government) are buying securities now to allow for flexibility in other parts of our financial markets with the intention that at some point in the future they will go up in value. I will always bet on America and this is no exception.

A very expensive card…

In the last few days I picked up several cards for some upcoming birthdays. Then we decided to go to a friends house over the weekend…and I thought hey lets bring the cards and we can just fill them out while we are over spending the night. Just before I left the house I was putting all of our equipment into my computer bag and thought, lets protect these cards from getting messed up, so I simply slid them under the lid of my laptop. One thing led to another and we never touched the laptops all weekend. Come Sunday night I plugged my laptop into the home network and accessed it like I always do via remote desktop and carried on with my business. After a short while I noticed I was getting some strange network errors (not all that uncommon when operating via remote desktop) and figured I would just log into the laptop directly. This is when the problems started, mysteriously the screen was bright white with no flicker / pixel movement / or anything for that manner. Upon closer inspection I noticed this…


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Wal-Mart saves the day?

Never thought you would hear those words? Well tonight was one of those nights. Anybody who knows me understands that my house stays cold, very cold. So tonight I decided to reprogram our thermostat so that it will make it colder automatically during different parts of the day, the old settings just weren’t good enough. I have one of those cool thermostats that simply unclips from its base to make programming easier.


I proudly changed all my settings while sitting comfortably on the couch. After I was done I just clipped the unit back in and returned to watching TV. Noticed that the air was not coming back on. After doing some matrix like speed learning on the electrical workings of my HVAC unit I was headed up to the attic with a volt meter.

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Let the blogging commence

Ok so I have wanted to do a blog for quite sometime but couldn't decide on a domain. Go figure too much planning for Bobby, yeah that goes without saying. So I also wanted to do this in a dotnet application so I can use it to extend and hone my skills. So I am going to try it with and see what happens.