Sometimes Life Just Needs a Good Soundtrack

Today morning seemed to come way too early. Was it my job? I have actually been blessed to work at a great company with great people, so nope. Was it my personal life? I just spent all weekend enjoying good times with great people, so nope. Was it my body? I did just do 160 lunges on Saturday so my legs were a little sore, and my right foot hurt a little, so maybe this had a little to do with it.

As the snooze button kept reappearing in my life every 5 minutes 5:30 quickly became 6:05.

I could hear the Matrix in my head "get up trinity, GET UP!" At this point I had turned my thoughts of running this morning into thoughts of taking a nice relaxing walk. At least I would be doing some physical activity that would make the rest of my day more productive. In a zombie like state I proceeded to put on my workout gear, grab my iPod and get this thing going. I started queuing up the iPod to the audio book I have been listening to, however the audio books I listen to tend to require full attention so I decided to throw on some music as I continued getting ready. Then I remembered I made some new playlists last night of some of my older techno/trance albums. DJ John Kelly – Funky Desert Breaks 2 was my selection today. Fully intending on putting the audio book on once I got outside, I let the gradual start to the album guide me.forest

I exited the house and decided to finish the song I was on, forgetting that it was 80 minutes worth of non-stop tracks. Then it happened [insert epiphany here]. My body began locomotion all by itself. The music was powering my soul and suddenly I started running, in an awkward Forest Gump kinda way. Continuing down the street I seemed to forget about the audio book, my foot didn’t seem to hurt anymore and the soreness in my legs was waning. My heart and lungs seemed to be in a perfect symbiotic relationship giving my body the oxygen it needed.

While not the fastest run I ever did, it was very rewarding. I never did turn the audio book on and then I realized that maybe sometimes all life needs is a good soundtrack, what is your soundtrack today?