A very expensive card…

In the last few days I picked up several cards for some upcoming birthdays. Then we decided to go to a friends house over the weekend…and I thought hey lets bring the cards and we can just fill them out while we are over spending the night. Just before I left the house I was putting all of our equipment into my computer bag and thought, lets protect these cards from getting messed up, so I simply slid them under the lid of my laptop. One thing led to another and we never touched the laptops all weekend. Come Sunday night I plugged my laptop into the home network and accessed it like I always do via remote desktop and carried on with my business. After a short while I noticed I was getting some strange network errors (not all that uncommon when operating via remote desktop) and figured I would just log into the laptop directly. This is when the problems started, mysteriously the screen was bright white with no flicker / pixel movement / or anything for that manner. Upon closer inspection I noticed this…



Yes that is a large crack across the entire screen. I have had this laptop (and it’s sister laptop that Hurricane has) for over 2 years and have taken them to Europe twice and countless other trips. So what happened??


Yes this would be the $500 birthday card. Turns out the ultra thin, ultra portable laptop doesn’t take well to that quarter inch think microchip/speaker combo that they put into these cards. I am not sure what I am going to do yet but all I know is that it was one very expensive card.

3 thoughts on “A very expensive card…

  1. Looks like you found a way to get a new laptop!! The Real Problem is if you get one you have to get Hurricane one also.

  2. Yuck. Bet those singing cards don’t sound as good to you anymore, huh? 🙂 So, does the card still work? More importantly: is the card recipient still going to get a gift?

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