Wal-Mart saves the day?

Never thought you would hear those words? Well tonight was one of those nights. Anybody who knows me understands that my house stays cold, very cold. So tonight I decided to reprogram our thermostat so that it will make it colder automatically during different parts of the day, the old settings just weren’t good enough. I have one of those cool thermostats that simply unclips from its base to make programming easier.


I proudly changed all my settings while sitting comfortably on the couch. After I was done I just clipped the unit back in and returned to watching TV. Noticed that the air was not coming back on. After doing some matrix like speed learning on the electrical workings of my HVAC unit I was headed up to the attic with a volt meter.

Needless to say I found a blown fuse, bad part was it was an older blade style and only 3A.

The gas station by my house only had the 5A and higher, but they were out of stock anyways. So you guessed it had to go to the 24 hour Wal-Mart by my house. Because of the odd amperage the only way I could get this tiny little piece of cheap metal and plastic was by purchasing the deluxe fuse testing kit for $19.99. But price doesn’t matter as the temperature was creeping past 82 degrees. After I put the new fuse in everything started to work again. I think what happened is that when I clipped the thermostat back in it must have shorted on one of the contacts.