I Love My Digital World

I have been exploring new things with the new BlackBerry App World on my Bold. One that keeps reappearing is Pandora. This service has been on my radar for a long time just like Last.fm. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to check them out. That is until this morning. I was doing my usual checking emails,

calendar and such on my handheld when I decided to check the App World. First up was Pandora. I decided to install it real quickly, thanks to the App Store and Vendors making custom mobile apps, this went very fast.Further I was able to create a new account right on the handheld. I have yet to be to Pandora’s website.

After creating a few stations I remembered that my Sonos system has some tie-in with Pandora. Took me about 1 minute on the laptop to add the Pandora service to my Sonos system, and Viola – I was listening to a custom playlist that I created on my BlackBerry. This is so cool!!

The Music that was coming from the BlackBerry was actually really good considering the size of the device (and hence speakers), but one thing I remembered was that at home my Bold was connected via Wi-Fi. I decided to do a little test when I left for work. I plugged my BlackBerry into my car stereo, very simple since the BlackBerry uses a standard headphone jack. This was awesome I was listening to a custom station, which was Dave Matthews, in my car and it sounded good. Even better when I drove away from the house the music never skipped, stuttered or dropped as my device simply switched from Wi-Fi to3G.

Score for techies and music lovers all over. I can think of endless possibilities for my new Pandora addiction.

Only downside…30 minute drive to work and my Bold was getting hot.

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