ESL – Newegg Style

Just recently purchased an item from (one of my new favorite online stores) and got the wrong item. After going back and forth several times they finally understood that they need to issue me a refund. They also need to send me a return shipping label, but that is another few emails away apparently. This is the exact text of the email confirming this

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Floppy disks aren’t dead yet

If you have been following I recently did some major damage to my laptop. I will be getting a new desktop before long and figured I would just virtualize my laptop and work on it that way instead of remote desktop (which still works fine). Being that my trusty home server backs up all of my computers nightly I decided what a novel idea to just use a Windows Home Server image and restore to a VM(geek speak for virtual machine) instead of a physical computer.

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I am not one to brag….but what the hell it is time to train again

Only 9 short months ago Hurricane and I ran the Rock n’ Roll marathon here in AZ. see pics 🙂 We are slowly starting to get back into our running regiment. Keep in mind if you go to view the pictures that I was tipping the scales at around 190lbs when we ran that race. I have since cut weight down to around 170lbs and will be around 160lbs when we run the race in 2009. I am looking to bring my time down under 5 hours. Anyone who wants to join us next year let me know.

sample pic is shown below 🙂 26.2 is the length of a full marathon…

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Valet parking, is it worth it?

If you know Nicole and I we like to spend money but we are also notoriously frugal. For the longest time we have never used bellman, valet services when we stay at places. Why pay for something that we can do ourselves. So we stayed at Sunset Station in Vegas last weekend (which is a whole post on its own) and decided to partake in the valet services for the weekend. Continue reading

Wal-Mart saves the day?

Never thought you would hear those words? Well tonight was one of those nights. Anybody who knows me understands that my house stays cold, very cold. So tonight I decided to reprogram our thermostat so that it will make it colder automatically during different parts of the day, the old settings just weren’t good enough. I have one of those cool thermostats that simply unclips from its base to make programming easier.


I proudly changed all my settings while sitting comfortably on the couch. After I was done I just clipped the unit back in and returned to watching TV. Noticed that the air was not coming back on. After doing some matrix like speed learning on the electrical workings of my HVAC unit I was headed up to the attic with a volt meter.

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