Valet parking, is it worth it?

If you know Nicole and I we like to spend money but we are also notoriously frugal. For the longest time we have never used bellman, valet services when we stay at places. Why pay for something that we can do ourselves. So we stayed at Sunset Station in Vegas last weekend (which is a whole post on its own) and decided to partake in the valet services for the weekend. We decided that because we will be staying at the hotel for the weekend and not going all over town that we should use the valet parking. Since this was in Vegas the valet parking is free, except for tip of course. So the 3 or 4 times we got the car it only cost about 2-4 dollars each time. The time saved in walking all over a hot parking lot and the convenience of not lugging baggage from the garage was well worth it. I can’t believe we didn’t consider this before but it was for sure worth it. Now of course if you are going to be in and out all weekend long it may start to add up, but for us it will be a new trend!!!

One thought on “Valet parking, is it worth it?

  1. Oh the simple luxuries of life!! Wouldn’t it be nice to pay for other simple things in life. Like, I dont know, say go to work for me so I can sit in the pool all day.

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