Stream of Random from Napa Trip

Hey Napa Peeps,

I just have to say that I had very low expectations for this weekend and it was far better than I could have ever imagined. If you would have told me that we would have had such an amazing time at happy hour I would have never believed it. In order to celebrate it I thought I would list out some random things about our weekend that I look forward to keeping in my memory. Great trip everybody!!

The List:


  • a little chocolate sumptin sumptin
  • Always making a mess on your shirt
  • Hippie Chinese Lady
  • River dance Irish jig
  • Jazz at the pearl (Closed)
  • Random lunch in Mountain View *smile*
  • Walking a block to make it a shorter drive
  • Walking in the Forest
  • Someone breaking rules in the forest
  • Do you like fish?
  • Almost crashing through toll both
  • Almost getting lost in Sausalito Mountains
  • Closing down Lou’s Jazz club
  • Closing down dirty martini – twice
  • After party in the room
  • Portable speaker fun
  • Fresh squeezed OJ
  • Monksters
  • Barry’s Chinese Shake
  • Served wine in line @ Taylors
  • Sipping the F in red
  • Napa Castle
  • Camera Timer shots times 3
  • Wine barrel bathroom
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • Relaxin at the spa
  • One person always falling asleep
  • Largest circular table ever
  • Lost scarf = free sparkling wine
  • 3 Girls are somehow more efficient than 1 guy
  • Battling GPS, Googleberry always wins
  • Don’t wake the grapes
  • Japanese tea garden
  • The ark, The boat

I am certain that you may have some other random memories, feel free to leave a comment here with any additional moments you would like to share.


“delivers the pinnacle of our weekend” ~ Bobby

8 thoughts on “Stream of Random from Napa Trip

  1. Exciting scream at the boat “Oh nooo”
    Maneuvering the street after leaving Dirty Martini
    Penguin walk
    Tai chi demonstration at Coit Tower
    Extraordinary driving skills at the hills in Sausalito
    Martial arts move in bed
    Snuggled in bed in less than 1 minute

  2. 80’s clap
    Hanging down by the cable car
    Scarf and sandals
    Curviest Sail Ever
    Learning how to dance from the pros
    Be comfortable or get comfortable?
    All three songs. Yes!
    Never thought it was a real frog…
    How do you fit 4 people in a boat? 3 in the front 1 in the back
    Free speech corner

  3. Holding and throwing energy at Coit tower
    (Don’t) Stay on the trail!
    Learning to eat great food and spending less every day
    Chinese and Persian Wedding after party at a Mexican bar
    Who wants desert? Really, we’re all waiting for all you to pay so we can leave but would you like to order some desert?
    Running up the hill on Lombard st
    finally.. You liked the stop at beach ha…. You’re welcome!

  4. Ha ha oh BOBBIEAH sounds like a great time!! Many more to come…..when is Vegas next? Or maybe San Diego soon? or how about 18 hours in an Irish Pub… oh wait we did that already.

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