Language converter, Priceless!!!

So I haven’t actually used this at work yet, but found it last night. I have been coding in C# for the last few years, but have been aware that other languages have some differing functionality and popularity. Sorry but I am not looking to go further down the path and learn C++ or other more verbose languages, so for me this is a stepping stone. I want to look more at the business side of things. So I was asked at my new job to come up with a simple web application (which I love the webApp idea) to display some results that query some web services that hook into the main program at my place of employment.

The biggest hurdle was the base application was built in, not C#.  So I spent the next few days learning the suttle differences between the two languages, knowing that they are both object oriented and would be able to basically do the same thing. So after plugging away and making slow steps I have found a mindset that works with, but wait what is this website and why is it free??

Telerik Converter

This tool is amazing I actually took some VB code I found on the web and converted it to C# and back again. Seems to work great. I still need to check the code to make sure it is still performing what I need it to perform, but come on what a time saver. Especially when my new job has some older applications in and is moving to C#