Windows XP SP3, whats the scoop

I have been hearing about this on several podcasts over the last 8-12 weeks, some ok and some very bad. So today I got the notice on the desktop and my laptop (not nicoles) that SP3 was ready to come in. I brought in the help of my Microsoft Home Server to do an incremental full drive image before I undertook the potential clusterf*$k of SP3 and then said, 'OK', do the update. So as I am writing this I have completed the SP3 update for the desktop and everything seems to be ok. One suttle difference I have noticed is the support for a larger desktop in RDP (remote desktop). I recently upgraded to a massive 30" monitor for the desktop but all of my power apps reside on my ultra protable laptop, so I still use it for all of my main computing source. Prior to SP3 the RDP connection resulted in a view of the laptop with about 15% of each side of the desktop lopped off with black bars, kinda like a letterbox DVD viewed on a regular TV where they lop off about 15% of the top and bottom to have good symetry. However since SP3 (about 10 min ago) the remote desktop connection mysteriously supports full screen support for my ultra large monitor. Not sure what else it will provide but for me this is awesome.