Language converter, Priceless!!!

So I haven’t actually used this at work yet, but found it last night. I have been coding in C# for the last few years, but have been aware that other languages have some differing functionality and popularity. Sorry but I am not looking to go further down the path and learn C++ or other more verbose languages, so for me this is a stepping stone. I want to look more at the business side of things. So I was asked at my new job to come up with a simple web application (which I love the webApp idea) to display some results that query some web services that hook into the main program at my place of employment. Continue reading

Bobby goes back to work

Ok,  I am going back to work. This has been a long time coming, specifically since February 2007.  Not because I have been turned down or rejected, but simply because we have not been ready for me to return to work full time. Further I have been very busy handling our household and running our former business. So now that I have graduated with my Masters in Information Systems at ASU (Shout out!!) and we came back from our Europe 2008 trip it was time to start looking for a job related to my skill set.. It took about 30 days of pounding the virtual pavement (,,, etc..) and a few recruiter interviews to land the job.

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